20,000 Spring lifecycle Wide range of colours 1 year warranty

Flex A-Door features the famous B&D Roll-A-Door® curtain, fitted on a curving track, so the curtain lifts from a vertical position up into a horizontal position, close to the ceiling – providing a clean, neat appearance on both the outside and inside.


  • An extensive range of colours to choose from, enough choices to suit any exterior.
  • Roll-A-Door curtain for a clean, neat appearance.
  • Hidden extension spring providing a tidy, uncluttered finish.
  • Flex-A-Door fits behind the opening and does not protrude forward, like jamb or canopy type tilting doors.
Ease of Operation 
  • Unique design - Roll-A-Door curtain, moving like a sectional door.
  • Nylofelt® running strips for effortless sliding action.
  • Door can be left open at any height 
Weather Protection 
  • Colorbond steel, our preferred supplier, to stand up to the harsh Australian climate.*
  • A weatherseal with deep cushioning helping restrict entry of water and leaves. 
  • A curtain that fits behind the opening and runs on a track, so it won’t blow shut in the wind like a tilt door


Smooth, Quiet Opertaion
  • Nylofelt® running strips and nylon rollers ensures the door slides up and down with minimal effort.
  • Plastic insert in the horizontal track providing smooth quiet operation.
Safety for your family 
  • Extension springs enclosed and above head height – well out of the reach of children.
  • No moving brackets or door supports which could act as finger or arm entrapments.
  • Waist height lock for ease of use and added security.
  • Pick resistant lock design.
  • The locking system is difficult to tamper with, as Flex-A-Door fits behind the opening
Strength & Durability 
  • Springs designed to exceed the Australian Standard for garage doors – 20,000 cycles.
  • The Roll-A-Door steel curtain providing a more rigid, stronger door.

  • 12 month warranty for complete door and parts in domestic / residential and industrial / commercial applications, surface (excludes salt corrosion)


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  • Perfect to replace your existing Tilt door 
  • Roll-a-door® curtain
  • Suits low headroom applications
  • Easy to lift
  • Clear, uncluttered appearance
  • Strong & durable

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