Roll-A-Shutter 4/100

Roll-A-Shutter 4/100

20,000 Spring lifecycle Security Options Wide range of colours 1 year warranty

This economical light industrial door is highly versatile, typically used in counters, kiosks, bars, sheds, emergency service and supermarket entrances.

  • High tensile G550 continuous roll formed, interlocking, coated Galvabond® steel slats.
  • Nominal effective pitch of 100mm with 3 small ribs.
  • Zincalume® coating of not less than 150g/m2.
  • Moulded nylon clips fitted to end of alternate slats by means of three nylon rivets.
  • Minimum Maximum Height 1900mm 5500mm, Width 1900mm 5500mm
Bottom Rail
  • Extruded aluminium T section bottom rail. Top edge formed to interlock with the bottom slat of the shutter.
  • Weatherseal: Standard.
  • Steel channel, cold roll formed, galvanised 2.0mm steel, depth of 70mm.
Torque Tube 
  • Torque tube is 203mm diameter.
  • Wall thickness 1.6mm galvanised steel, to withstand a minimum deflection of 1:350mm.
  • Torque tube fitted with 30% glass filled polypropylene homo-polymer plastic drums mounted on 33.7mm axle, having minimum thickness 4.0mm.
  • Spring life designed for 10,000 cycles. 
  • B&D Series 2 Planetary Gearing or 5:1 ratio manual gearbox or electric drive with gearing ratio selected in accordance with shutter size. Grifco hand winder after 4500mm (h) x 4500mm (w). 
  • Hot dipped, galvanised 50mm hot rolled steel, used with double saddles and high tensile steel bolts.
  • Hand operated: External Bottom rail slide bolt.
  • Chain operated: Chain cleat locking.
  • Options: no locking, internal slide bolts, internal and external slide bolts or key locking on aluminium bottom rails up to 4800mm wide.


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  • Wide range of sizes 
  • Economical shutter solutional
  • Spring life 10,000 cycles 
  • Pre-assembled slats for quick installation

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