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The B&D Envir-A-Shutter™ is our fully insulated aluminium shutter. It is the perfect choice for applications that require thermal or sound insulation.

  • A1 Alloy 3005 H18. This material features extensive rigidity of 205Mpa and yield strength of 187Mpa.
  • The proportion of filled foam is 32kg/ m3.
  • Dimensions: 19mm thick and nominal effective slat width of 77mm.
  • Vision slat: 17.8mm thick and nominal effective slat width of 78mm. 
  • Beckrypol ARS353 coating, which is available in two standard colours, Off White and Cream.
  • This is a polyester system modified with polyamide beads to give a high degree of scratch resistance.
  • Shutter slats may also be powder coated. Hauling chains: Zinc dichromate plated.
Curtain Clips
  • Moulded nylon clips fitted to alternate slats by two rivets.
  • A1 alloy, white extruded aluminium channel with rubber inserts.
  • Min. depth: 105mm Width (back): 34mm.
  • B&D Series 2 Planetary Gearing. 5:1 ratio manual gearbox or electric drive with gearing ratio selected in accordance with shutter size.
Torque Tube
  • Galvanised steel tube diameter: 203mm
  • Wall thickness: 1.6mm, fitted with 30% glass filled polypropylene drums mounted on a 33.7mm axle.
  • Axle end reinforcement on larger doors as specified.
  • Standard: No locking is normally provided.
  • Options: Aluminium slide bolts for use with padlocks, fitted internally.
  • Electric operation: Incorporates a self locking worm in the drive, which prevents the torque tube from rotating and effectively locks the shutter.
  • Fabricated from 50 x 50 x 6mm mild steel angle and used with double saddles and 100mm steel bolts. 
Bottom Rail
  • Extruded aluminium as standard.


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  • Thermal insulation properties
  • Sound insulation
  • Decreased noise during operation
  • Strong yet lightweight
  • Stylish design 

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