8/50 Roll-A-Shutter

8/50 Roll-A-Shutter

20,000 Spring lifecycle Weatherseal Protection Wide range of colours 1 year warranty

Designed for small and light industrial applications. It is used in counters, kiosks & bars, shop trucks & vans.

  • 0.8mm, continuous roll formed, interlocking, coated galvanised steel slats.
  • Nominal effective pitch of 50mm. Zinc coating of not less than 275g/m2.
  • The curtain is fitted with moulded nylon clips to the ends of alternate slats by two nylon rivets.
  • Minimum Maximum Height 900mm 5000mm, Width 900mm 5000mm.
Bottom Rail
  • Steel box section, 75mm (h) x 40mm (w) bottom rail. Top edge formed to interlock with the bottom slat of the shutter, cold roll-formed from 2mm steel.
  • Optional extruded aluminium bottom rail 70mm (h) x 54mm (w) base.
  • Optional Taper, 30mm - 150mm.
  • Weatherseal: Standard.
  • Two types of col roll formed galvanised steel channel sections used:
    • 50mm channel made from 2.5mm thick material up to 3200mm (w).
    • 75mm channel made from 3.2mm thick material optional to 3200mm (w), standard over 3200mm (w).
  • Shutters up to 2100mm (h) x up to 2100mm (w) an 89mm diameter steel tube with wall thickness of 1.6mm used.
  • Openings above 2100mm x 2100mm, a 168mm diameter steel tube with wall thickness of 3.2mm used.
  • Helical torsion type drum springs, made from spring steel wire.
  • Spring life 20,000 cycles.
  • Manual.
  • 50mm x 50mm x 6mm hot roll steel angle, supplied with spindle support angles or 8-10mm M/S plate.
Direct Lift
  • Directly driven motor requiring no springs within the drum. Inclusive of a safety break system.
  • Drive life designed for 100,000 cycles with safe drive, curtain life designed for 50,000 cycles.
  • Hand operated: External Bottom rail slide bolt.
  • Chain Operated: Chain cleat locking.
  • Options:
    • No locking or key locking on bottom rail key locking.
    • Rivers lock.
  • Curtain, guides and box bottom rail are zinc coated galvanised steel.
  • Aluminium bottom rails are mill finished aluminium.
  • Option - Curtain and bottom rail in powder coat finish.
  • All mild steel components are prime coated. Hauling chains shall be zinc passivated.
  • Ventilation - Slotting
  • Mullions
  • Personnel access
    • Wicket gates (inward opening) 1200mm (h) x 600mm (w).
    • Escape gates (outward opening) 2030mm (h) x 1020mm (w).
    • Access gate (inward opening) 2030mm (h) x 1020mm (w).


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  • Great for small applications - counters, kiosks, vansĀ 
  • Economical
  • Wide range of colours
  • Springs designed for 20,000 cycles

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